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8 Mistakes That Immediately Make You Look Like A Social Media Newbie [TOP]

As more and more people flock to Instagram, it's inevitable that many of them jump on the bandwagon without taking the time to figure out what makes Instagram unique. These people almost always make the same mistakes. And, unfortunately, even well-intended people end up making the same Instagram mistakes.

8 Mistakes That Immediately Make You Look Like a Social Media Newbie

Those are the 8 most common mistakes (inadvertent or not) that most people make on Instagram. And it's those mistakes that make you look like an amateur and which will prevent you from seeing real success on Instagram.

Writing promotional content and promoting the same in the name can cause Google to penalize your site. Google considers E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustability) as a ranking factor for websites. This holds especially true for YMYL (Your Money Your Life) sites that deal with niches like medical, finance, and legal. Thus, you need to make sure that you are writing content after doing thorough research on a given topic.

I reached out to my peers in the CMO Network for this one. I wanted to pull together the most common mistakes new marketers make - not to kvetch, but to keep marketing newbies from falling into common pitfalls. Here they are.

3) Not understanding how the business works (multiple) - We build a social network, right? Well, actually, it's an ad platform. Really? People pay us for that? Go talk to your CFO or someone in finance and find out where the money really comes from. Facebook and others are interesting in that their users (like the demo guy above) are not their customers - the advertisers paying the bills.

7) Thinking that everyone thinks like them (from Karen Marchetti) - This really is the result of ignoring #1 and #2 above. I could cite tens of examples from my years. Our foodie marketing director selecting a menu that drove the developers to leave our event to go get burgers down the street. Our CEO picking the ad he liked but scared customers (think apocalypse). Remembering that not everyone lives in the SF tech bubble. Ask your customers for their opinions via emails, focus groups, phone calls - whatever it takes. I think a sign of maturity in a marketer is when they realize that they are merely a conduit for customer sentiment, not the opinion maker or style maven.

8) Not realizing that there is a world beyond social media (from from Bennet Bayer) - I'm sorry, what, was someone saying something important? My Chihuahua pic is #trending on Tumblr. JK. As annoying as distracted colleagues can be, the real sin here is thinking that a post or series of tweets or a share will solve all your marketing problems. Social is just another channel. Like the web and television were before. Now we need to use all of them. You still need a great product and a compelling story. Dreck on social will just spread your mediocrity faster...(review #5 above)

The campaign places its chips on the idea that people will feel comfortable sharing their mistakes and potentially seeing those errors amplified on social media, where Snickers is running a #SNICKERSROOKIEMISTAKE hashtag. While the stories may be embarrassing, Snickers is trying to keep the tone light and the anecdotes relatively low stakes, like forgetting a phone loaded with game tickets after heading out to the stadium.

Nobody expects you to be a graphic designer, but you should make sure your fonts, font colors and sizing are consistent throughout your entire video. The biggest error newbies make when adding text and styling to their productions is using different fonts, different font colors and adding colors that distract the viewer from the content.

Even if you're reaching out to someone you've never met, the right move is to do a little research on that person, and tailor your connection request. "Customize your message to make the recipient take notice, like writing, 'I read this article you wrote [and had these thoughts]. I'm also building a career in [this field], and I would love to be connected to you,'" Williams says.

The people fulfilling orders are human and sometimes mistakes happen, but you want to do everything you can to make sure the products you send exactly match what people ordered. That means the right size, color, and quantity, as well as the right product. Make sure your fulfillment employees are well trained and that you institute a good system for packing orders effectively and double-checking them before they go.

No matter how hard you try, at some point, your business is going to make a mistake with an order. Customers generally understand that company employees are human and are willing to forgive an honest error, but only if brands handle it correctly. When you realize your business has messed up an order, admit it right away and go out of your way to make it up to the customer. If a late order comes with some extra free goodies or the wrong item results in receiving a credit toward future orders, customers are much more likely to come away from the experience liking you more rather than less.

Take stock of your social media profiles and consider which channels are performing for your business and which are not. By moving away from social media platforms that might not suit your business or not be performing well, you can double down on those that are.

If you want to start learning Power BI, or are looking to improve your skills, there are lots of areas you can start. However, learning itself is a skill. When I started out, I had a few things that slowed down my progress. These are eight common mistakes that I made when I started my journey of Power BI, and the lessons I learned along the way!

Consider trading strategies that could be profitable when the market stays still, such as a short spread (also called credit spreads) on indexes. Index moves tend to be less dramatic and less likely impacted by the media than other strategies.

There are a few common blunders that recruiters commonly make, which can result in costly hiring mistakes, failure to capture the attention of the best employees, and a negative reputation as a recruiter and organization. Here are a handful of some of the top recruiter mistakes:

Talent attraction is a lot like marketing. In order to entice the best candidates, you must create an effective employer brand that promotes your organization as a great place to work. Most candidates will research a company before applying for a job there, so it is important that you have a good social media presence and website that demonstrates all of your best qualities. The key to a great employer brand is engagement and transparency, so keep this in mind when you share brand messages.

LinkedIn is one of the most valuable resources for finding applicants. Also encourage friends and business contacts to send candidates your way, post job descriptions to your social media accounts, and join alliances to make local connections.

Many users swipe pretty quickly on Tinder. They won't necessarily take the time to look at multiple photos and your bio unless your first picture makes an impression. Therefore, you need to make sure that the first photo on your profile is your best.

While you may be there for love, you may very well end up matching with users looking for a fling or just a chat. It's going to take some time and effort to find people you like on the app, so make sure you're not expecting instant success and connections when you use the app for the first time.

Beginners often get confused and do endless research on technologies, languages, or frameworks which is one of the quite common but big mistakes they make during the learning phase of programming. It is completely ok to do some research about language or framework but doing the over-analysis on technologies for months is not going to give you any positive results. Just look at one of the blog posts on a medium. A beginner accepted that he did this mistake and he learned nothing in the entire year of his learning phase.

Takeaway: The impact of sale training is hard to measure, so many sales leaders doubt its effectiveness. The truth is that investing in your people has a positive impact for your organization, even if that impact is not clearly seen in sales results immediately following a training program.

Any combination of these goals is fair game and can help you better understand which networks to tackle, too. When in doubt, keep your social media marketing strategy simple rather than complicating it with too many objectives that might distract you. Pick one or two and rally your team around them.

Do your homework on your existing social media audience and focus on networks where your core audience is already active. Further analysis needs to be done before you can determine what your real-world social customers actually look like.

An effective social media marketing strategy is rooted in numbers. That said, those numbers need to be put into a context that aligns with your original goals. Conduct analytics reports regularly to convey the story behind the metrics and see if your efforts match up to your vision.

There are plenty of strategies out there, and plenty of ways business people use this versatile social media platform. I don't want to get too heavy into strategies today, however. Today, I'd like to talk more to the light users, the newbies if you will.

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Finding the best free grammar checker tool is quite a daunting task. As someone with a huge workload, you cannot possibly manually check things like emails, long blog posts, social media posts, documentation and so forth, and search for grammatical errors in each one at the same time.

It is common for marketers to assume that they can duplicate content 1:1 when creating a strategy for a new social channel. In theory, you can share identical posts across both social media channels with just one click, but is it worthwhile?


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