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The Benefits of Using NIV Bible with EasyWorship 2009 Software

The New International Version of the Bible is gaining a lot of prominence amongst many people across the world. Amongst other reasons, the most significant of all is that it contains representations of the old as well as the new testaments. For all those users who wish to carry this sacred book on their portable devices, the Free NIV Bible is the solution. It is an e-version of the NIV Bible that can be downloaded for free.

niv bible for easyworship 2009 free download

EasyWorship is subscription-based and pricing depends on the attendance size of your church. EasyWorship does offer some free bibles (40 to choose from their bibles download page here). EasyWorship does have more bibles, but charges for each individual Bible needed. The prices range from $14-$39.

ProPresenter (Seat) comes with (1) activation (you can install ProPresenter on one computer at a time) and it comes with 46 free public domain bibles. Public domain bibles are those that are not copyrighted.

OpenLP is the best FREE church presentation software for 2021. It is open-source church presentation software. OpenLP comes with 30 free, public domain bibles. No bibles can be purchased to add to the software.

Easy Worship is an impressive application which will let you have access to The Bible. This software application will let you worship in a very easy manner as you have the Bible and the lyrics of almost all the songs. Easy Worship 6 has come up with loads of improvements than its predecessor EasyWorship 2009. You can also download EasyWorship 2009.


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