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Baccarat System Tester: 1000 Actual Casino Dealt Shoes Over 80 000 Decisions!! __FULL__

"The IBS baccarat write up looks great. I'm all for positive profits. If it produces that kind of profits, maybe the whole board will finally get rich :-)" "It may be a similar method of how I play of using a big bankroll to counterbalance and overcome any excessive deviations by providing some semblance of controlling randomness. I just know that you have to find a method to stay within the bounds of excessive counter runs before bust out occurs vs the bankroll you are playing." "I really hope this is finally a documented system that can turn players in to winners and give them full control. 1000 units really isn't a lot. As I have been saying, even with no house edge playing these 'other' systems with modest bankrolls of 100-200 units will come a day that knocks you out, and that can happen back to back." "I am sincere and really wish this enhances everyone's play. I will wait to watch the pending results like everyone else to see how it goes over the next week or two. My fingers are crossed and hats off to Izak for compiling and offering such a potentially profitable system. I know it doesn't offer a mathematical advantage, but you don't need one to make great profits as long as you are profiting more frequently than losing." "I'll continue with my own personal efforts, and really hope IBS finally provides everyone the tools to take the casino's for a nice ride and control their destiny." "All the best wishes for Izak's IBS system, and sincerest success to all that achieve those results... I love seeing profits rise!" "My intention is mainly to make risk free profits and for people to be in control of their own money, so if I can help you get extra risk free money from bonus participation guarantees, I will be happy to still help. And you can do as you like as I always stated...I don't have any hidden agenda, other than us trying to make as much as money in a risk-free fashion exploiting what I what I know. ...if IBS works for folks, there are thousands of casinos and trillions to profit from :-)... I don't think any casino would come up with counter measures to stop a Bac system, only if you collude or cheat in some here's hoping for the miracle that people have been waiting for" "Yesterday I was in the casino playing this new system. I played 6.5 shoes, it took me around 8 hours, sometimes shoes were taking 50 minutes sometimes 90 minutes. I used these two rules as I was a little hesitant using this first up. No more then 20 units on a single bet. Do not lose more than 200 units on a shoe as I only had 700 units on me there and then. I will post in more detail how I went in the next day or two but is how day one turned out. Played 6.5 shoes Won 122 units Average Win per shoe: 18.8 units. Notes: Won every shoe. Biggest lot I was down was 56 units. I should have bet 56 units straight up, but instead I bet 20,20,16 to get back to a +1 result. So far so good Izak."

baccarat system tester: 1000 actual casino dealt shoes over 80 000 decisions!!

"Izak, I have experimented with the split bet and that seems the way to go. Does using the split bet change the math formula at all ? I would think if used correctly one could play within a 200 or 300 unit lifetime bankroll and be fine. Your average net per shoe would be lower of course, as it might take a shoe or two to clear in the bad situation, but I would think if the math is the same it would eventually clear. What do you think?" "In terms of the math, you are still going to win 49.513% of all bets. Until the stage you do not need the split betting, as not in all shoes do you require to bet high amounts and you need to set a certain value where you would split your bets, you are still using IBS as is with the need of winning only 26% of all your bet in order to come up ahead. This 26% percentage, which represents the percentage of the bets you need to win in order to complete your run will increase with the usage of the split bet and it will start approaching the 49%. As long as this percentage is kept below 49%, the system will overcome long run. And this is very easily accomplished with a partial usage of the split bet technique - and only when it's necessary." "I will say it again so people will feel comfortable winning and losing. (Basically gambling) IBS gives you a calculated high percentage probability of achieving modest wins per shoe (or string of decisions) while risking up to 1000 units. How does it do this? Easy. Using a large bankroll, progressing the bets that overcome most shoes, to grind out one unit at a time, on average 7-13 units per shoe. Now if you limit and cap the bets, and try adding stop loses...all that is dandy, but you will just be limiting the profits and losses. By stopping at any particular point in time, and deciding to start over, is almost a 50/50 bet... either you would have won the next bet to recoup, or lost it. The only difference with having limits in gambling is psychological. This is not like stock trading, that risk/reward changes based on "good or bad news" of the markets whims. In casino gambling, the percentages are "basically" fixed, so tweaking any system, only changes the parameters you will operate under. So with IBS, Izak has presented a system to take like a 99% chance to make 1% profits (percentages more or less approximate)...If you don't want that kind of play of having to risk 1000 units for continuous 13 unit profit until 1000 unit bust. Then you can cut it down, and take a 89% chance to win 10%. Or cut down back down to single bets... take 49.5% chance to win 50%...but once and you are done...take your 50% profit and run. So at 1% win rate, it may take about 100 shoes to recoup... but if you get lucky or have a decent way to track, you may play 1000's of shoes until you best, or you can bust a few times before 100 shoes. It is gambling and the percentages of risk/reward never change over the long haul. My own finding and my favorite way of playing are similar to this type of approach. Using a large bankroll, and making the chance of ruin so remote, that I just keep playing and cashing out until I decide to stop. (Realizing the day will come to take me down...if it takes me down once I'm ahead, then that is good, if it takes me down before I get ahead, those are the breaks, and if I get lucky, I may never encounter a bad run until I'm 1000%+ ahead.) Bottom line, realize the risks in all gambling, decide how you like proceeding in your money management preference, analyze the deviations of most shoes, and determine if your approach overcomes most shoes, then just go for it. There is a mathematical formula for any string of data series to appear, and the simple matter is a streak of 15, or 25, 40 decisions of any pattern whether chop, or 3-5-2-1-4, or straight streak pattern is the exact same likely hood as any pattern coming up 15 decisions. Now that's in theory, what happens over the short term while anyone plays...its all random from there. Keep playing and winning!"

"As many have astute gamblers have said on this board, and I will reiterate it as it regards to IBS. Our advantage in gambling comes from the fact that we have control of when and how much to bet. So using a good progression doesn't give a true edge over casino, but it definitely gives an inversely proportionate increase percentage in winning some 'units' at the increased risk. As you risk more to make less, your winning percentage increases. If we find the balance of big risk, with super high percentage of constantly grinding out a unit profit, then it is all of our hopes that we will never face, that 1 in X chance to bust. So whether it is 1 in 10,000 or 1 in 100,000, or 1 in 1million... the risk reward becomes relative to those numbers. IBS seems to win about 8-13 units for the 1000 unit risk, so there is about a 1% profit per shoe on average, so if you can win more than 100 shoes on average without a bust, THAT is can't ask for anything more. So keep up the excellent work, and make hay and profits while and all you can."

For those who insist on testing their betting system ideas, I wrote a program (below) to generate baccarat shoes randomly. But be warned: winning even 1000 hands proves nothing. It's quite possible to be ahead after 1000 hands from dumb luck. Someday I'll write a program to figure out how many hands are necessary to test to be 99.9% certain of being behind.

2) I have been betting over 2000 hands at the casino and I won over 1800 euros with an ante of 1 euro (99% of the time). Are you sure the house edge is 2.2% ? When I am using your simulator (the java one), which allows to quickly get results, over 1000 bet series, I made 800 USD (with 5USD ante) and, on the second series of 1000 I did, I got in 10mn time twice a Royal Flush which exploded my profit !!!a) How sure are you about the edge of the house? When I see the way players are betting, even with a negative edge, the casino would make loads of cash just with the way the players are betting.b) If the house edge is 2.2%, I should be 180 euro down not 1800 euro up. Am I being very lucky? What are the odds of such an outcome, or this is just normal given that in fact 2000 bets is not that much?


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