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Emma Mae

i really only new emma threw adam and my cuzin but i know her and my cuzin were best friends and she did not deserve to say good bye so early in life she was an amazing person just like the rest of her family with much love i hope time gives all of you the right amount of love and cherishment to heal from the loss of such a great person and there isw one thing i will never forget about emma is her amazing smile and warm hellos

emma mae


Emma Mae Jenkins is a young writer, speaker, and social media influencer with a growing following on her YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, and other popular outlets. She is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus Christ and helping others strengthen their faith, with a special focus on teens and young women. Her first book, Be Loved, encourages youthful readers to find peace and freedom through recognizing themselves as dearly loved children of God. Emma Mae is from northwest Arkansas and is currently a student at Liberty University. Learn more about her at her website,

Ms. Emma-Mae graduated this past month, June 2018. And if you are interested in continuing to follow Emma-Mae on her journey through the beauty industry as a professional, you can also check her out on Instagram Congrats, Emma-Mae. Evergreen wishes you the best of luck out in the industry as you start your new career! 041b061a72


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