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CCDs And How They Work. - Department Of Physics... 2021

George S. Smith was born in the USA in 1930. After gaining his PhD in 1959 he moved immediately to Bell Labs, working under Willard Boyle studying the electronic properties of semi-metals , thermoelectric cooling and low temperature electronic devices. He later led research into novel lasers and semiconductor devices, retiring in 1986 as head of the VLSI Device department. The contribution of Boyle and Smith to science as well as to the economy was recognized in 2009 when they were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics.

CCDs and how they work. - Department of Physics...

Craig is a fifth-year graduate student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. He is currently working with William Schneider in the Chemical Engineering department, where they have been developing computational models to understand molecular structure and catalytic reactivity at the atomic level. His goal as a NFCDS fellow is to design and implement a workshop or workshop series that introduces students to the basics of LaTeX: How do you create a document? How can you change the document format? How do you compile (or export) your document? This workshop will provide introductory guidance that will help students create publications, resumes, and letters in LaTeX. 041b061a72


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