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Mount And Blade Warband Change Gender

CheatsCharacter Creation, Progression & ExperienceSet the maximal and minimal ability score at character creationSet the ability points at character creation for the player and mercenariesAdd casters levelsAdd full hit die value on level upremoves the halving of the hit die value by the game when adding hit point on level upAlways be able to level upyou can level up even when you don't meet the experience requirements or are already level 20Gain infinite skill pointshas to be disabled after spending the skill points in order to progressIgnore class and feat restrictionsshould cover most restrictions in regards to class and feat selectionIgnore caster type and spell level restrictionsIgnore forbidden archetypesIgnore required stat valuesIgnore alignment restrictions for classesIgnore forbidden feats when choosing a classe.g. AtheismIgnore feat prerequisites when choosing a classe.g. allows to become a Cleric of GroetusIgnore feat prerequisites from lists when choosing a classIgnore prerequisites when choosing featsSet a multiplier for gained experience pointshas to be enabled first, if you wan to use the Scale XP mod leave it disabledAdd experience points/one level to the whole party or individual charactersEncumbrance & Carrying CapacitySet the party's encumbrance to fixed valueSet a multiplier for the party's carrying capacityRest & RationsAdjust how fast your party becomes fatigued and exhaustedLearn all cooking recipesIgnore cooking recipe ingredient requirementsInstant restapplies everything a rest would do without the time passingInstant rest after combatthe same as above but applied automatically after every combatDisable ration requirementsEnable cooking and hunting in dungeonsAdd 6 rations to the party's inventoryEnable camping everywhereCost & MoneySet a multiplier for the money the party receivesAdd, remove and directly set the party's moneySet a multiplier for the cost of mercenariesSet a vendor sell multiplierSell all items for 0Buy all items for 0Set a multiplier for the respec costParty Statistics & AlignmentAccess all characters' inventories, characters sheets and spells booksDisplay all active party members' portraits including petsAdd selected/all remote characters to your partySet the current hit points of the whole party or individual charactersSet custom name for party members including petsSet change your gendercauses visual glitches!Set class levelsReset the character levelSet the character levelSet and shift alignmentbe careful when changing the alignment of companionsSet sizeAdjust attributes, skills, saves and other statisticsTurn skills into class skillsSet a multiplier for a statistic affecting the while partye.g. if you don't want to set every party member's health by hand you can just multiply the whole party's by 3Export character information exports all statisticsImport statisticsrequires a .txt file with the same name as the character in the Characters folder inside the Bag Of Tricks folderexported files can be used as wellfor further information have a look at the Example.txt in the Characters folderEnemy StatisticsSet a enemy base hit point multipliercan be applied to camping encounter and/or random global map encounters and local map encountersApply different status effects to either individual or all enemies kill, panic, freeze [paralyse], make cower or set on fireAdjust size, alignment, attributes, skills, saves and other statistics (similar to the Party Statistics menu)Items & EquipmentRestore all item chargesSet item weight to 0Set maximal dexterity bonus on all items to 99Set the armour check penalty to 0Set items to have unlimited chargesIgnore equipment restrictionsRestore all item charges after combatRemove itemsFavouritessaved as a .xml file in the BagOfTricks/Favourites foldercan be either imported from sets or added from the item searchtheir names and Guids can also be exportedAdd either custom or pre-made item sets to your party's inventorycustom item sets have to be placed in the BagOfTricks\ItemSets folderthey have to be structured: GUID, amount and be a .csv or .txt fileAdd items by GuidSearch for, filter and edit itemsediting requires Blueprint Modding to be enabled (-> Mods)Add individual items from the results or all of them to your inventory or favouritesExport results' names and guidsBuffsSet a multiplier for the buff durationDisplay active buffs of party members and enemiesRemove and add buffsSearch & favourites functionality similar to the item/feats menu'sFeatsDisplay all feats of party members and enemiesAdd, remove and set the rank of featsSearch & favourites functionality similar to the item/buff menu'sAbilities Display all abilities of party members and enemiesAdd and remove abilitiesSearch & favourites functionality similar to the item/buff menu'sSpells & SpellbooksDisplay known and learnable spells of party members and enemiesAdd and remove spellbooksIncrease the caster level of spellbooksAdd and remove spells from available spellbooksAdd abilities or spells to spells from your favourites a spellbookSpells & Ability OptionsRestore your party's spells and abilitiesSet a custom multiplier for spell and ability rangesUse the tabletop spell and ability ranges (close 25 ft, medium 100 ft, long 400 ft)caster level isn't taken into accountSet custom spell and ability rangesDisable spellbook and ability alignment checksDisable arcane spell failureDisable failing casting defensivelyDisable failure on concentration checksUnlimited spell castsSet the default metamagic cost to zeroIgnore material componentsAllow spontaneous casters to copy scrollsUnlimited ability usesRestore spells and abilities automatically after combatRemain (mostly) undetectable during stealthDon't cause friendly fire when using AoE effectsDon't cause friendly fire of any typeNo cooldownsNo burn gained (Kineticist)Maximise accepted burn (Kineticist)No temporary hit point reduction by burn (Kineticist)Increase the spells per daycan cause UI issues if set too highMap & TravelSwap party members on the global map instantlyMake the party move as fast as its fastest memberthe speed can be adjusted via a multiplierReveal map locations on the global mapClaim all revealed resources in your landsWill still cost you BP!Disable the cost for claiming resourcesEnable teleporting via hotkeyTeleport all party members to the player characterMultiplier for the global map travel time scaleToggle random encountersAlways succeed at avoiding random encounterAdjust random encounter settingsKIngdomChange the kingdom's nameSet the artisan masterpiece chanceSet the Kingdom AlignmentUpgrade settlements & buildingsSet a build time modifiernegative values decrease the build timeOverride kingdom alignment resultInstantly complete kingdom eventsForce success/triumph for kingdom eventsIgnore kingdom building restrictionsAdd and remove build points and base build point incomeAdjust your kingdom's statistics and rankDice RollsAlways pass skill checks with the option to select individual skillsoptional setting to also set the DC to -99Always pass saving throws with the option to select individual savesTurn all attacks your party performs into critical hitsMain character always rolls 20Your party always rolls 20can also be done via hotkeyThe enemies always roll 1only on d20sEveryone except members of the player faction roll 1only on d20sNever roll 1d20 rolls will never result in 1 (for either everyone, the party or enemies)Never roll 20d20 rolls will never result in 20 (for either everyone, the party or enemies)Roll with advantageinstead of one d20 two will be rolled and the highest result taken (for either everyone, the party or enemies)Roll with disadvantageinstead of one d20 two will be rolled and the lowest result taken (for either everyone, the party or enemies)Take Xd20 rolls made out of combat will result in the set value i.e. 10, 20 or a custom onethe custom value can also be used as a minimum resultRoll 20 for initiative(for either everyone, the party or enemies)

mount and blade warband change gender

Spawn UnitsSpawn stored units as a friendly, passive or hostile entityunits are added either in bulk via the buttons of the export buttonsor using the '+' button, shift click allows you to add multiple copiesAdd stored units to partyFavouritessaved as a .xml file in the BagOfTricks/Favourites foldercan be either imported from sets or added from the unit searchtheir names and Guids can also be exportedcan directly be added to the stored unitsAdd either custom unit sets to your favourites or stored unitscustom item sets have to be placed in the BagOfTricks\UnitSets folderthey have to be structured: GUID, amount and be a .csv or .txt fileSearch for and filter unitsavailable filter commands:Challenge Rating: cr:12 cr:5,7,8 cr:0-24 cr:8Type (full or partial name): type:wolf type:wer type:dog,wo Race (full or partial name): race:human race:dwa race:elf,huGender: gender:f gender: m ; as a separator and ! to negateAdd individual units from the results or all of them to the stored units or favouritesExport results' names and guids or add them directly to the stored unitsA complete guide can be found here: Bag of Tricks - Unit Spawning GuideMiscRun perception trigger actions in the current areaMake summons controllablePrevent summoned barbarians from using the Warpainted Skull of Duthica's abilitySet a multiplier for the duration of summonsFix all summons' levels at 20Prevents party members from gaining negative levelsChange the weather and set its intensitySet who is excluded from being a target for attacks of opportunityAutomatically set a creatures speed when it is summonedAdd extra attacks per round for the whole partyFreeze the time remaining for all timed quests at 90 daysStop the passing of timeAdjust the time scaleSet enemies not to deal any damage to the partyMake the party kill enemies in one hitDamage dealt multipliers of the party and enemiesUnlock all containers and doorsIgnore dialogue restrictionsReverse all caster alignment checksPrevent all alignment changes Disable fog of war or only its visualsAdjust the chance of critters instead of bloodrequires the related in-game option to be enabledDisable leaving an inactive campsiteUnlock achievementsDisplay the current values of the Romance CountersPlay animationsPlay different soundsExperimental FeaturesPrevent quest failure from triggeringAdvance game time by a set number of daysDowngrade settlementsChange party members on the local map and teleport them to the playerReload the areaTeleport everyone to the playerEdit romance countersFeat selection multiplierMix and match spellsSet you party's flying heightModsUser InterfaceEnable pet inventories being visibleDynamically scale the money display in the inventory screen to fit large numbersSort spellbooks and spells on the Spellbook Screen alphabeticallyDisable the Unity Mod Manager button added to the ESC menu and change its positionDisplay the current area's name at the top of the screenDisplay combat difficulty and CR once combat startsMiscUnlimited lock picking attemptsLock picking causes wearinessProof of concept lock pick systemRoll hit die value on level upinstead of adding half the hit die value every level up the added value is determined by a rollitems can be modified either manually or through the item menuMake neutral alignment shifts not cause any movement on the law/chaos axisAutomatically refill belt slots after a consumable is used if the same type is availableRemove the glow from summonsSwaps the models of spiders with wolves and spider swarms with rat swarmsdoes not affect the small non-interactable spiders!Blueprint ModdingEnables the modification of existing blueprints by loading filesthe ModifiedBlueprints folder contains examples of which values can be changedTax CollectorUse and disable the Tax Collectorwill collect build points and money (based on your character and kingdom stats) for you while you are goneToolsCamera ToolsEnable camera rotation and set its turn rateEnable adjustments to the camera's scroll speedEnable adjustments to the camera's minimal and maximal zoom valuesEnable focusing on party members and cycling through them via hotkeyEnable focusing on party members by clicking on their portraitToggle camera boundsReset the cutscene lockallows you to move during cutscenes, best used with Focus Camera to override the game's focus Move the camera to the player characterReset the cutscene lockallows you to move freely during cutscenesAction KeyThe action key while preform different actions once pressed:get info (can be logged to BagOfTricks.log or displayed in-game), kill, resurrection, apply buffs, set unit for state editing,teleport units, spawn units, rotate units and play animationsexperimental ones: force kill, spawn critters, spawn random hostile units, make controllable, add to party and recreate unit descriptoruse with caution, save often and create backups - these functions can cause crashes and may break the game!Development ToolsGrants access to built-in development tools, adds new commands and the option to to log the contents of the Smart Console to the Unity Mod Manger logAlso includes options for enhanced loggingMiscToggle the HUD off and onDisplay an object's name and GUID when hovering your cursor over itSkip the main menu and automatically load the last save on game startSet a target frame rateLog the battle log to a fileSettingsChange the mod's key bindingsSet the mod's language (if other languages are installed)Disable tooltips by the modDisable in-game log messages by the modChange the file export location to the Export folder inside of the Bag of Tricks folderAdjust the search result limitDisable certain file formats for custom item setsRemember mod settings which otherwise wouldn't be savedDisable creating a backup of your character's statistics before importing new onesShow debug informationCreate an .xml of the fallback localisation


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