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Download I9100xxkg1 Zip ((BETTER))

Windows Users Disconnect your phone from your PC Start ODIN Click the PDA button, and select CF-Root-xxx-vX.X.tar Put your phone in download mode (USB) Connect the phone to your computer Click the START button, then Power Off button on your phone Re-Power On your phone after the message disappears

Download I9100xxkg1 Zip

If you dont want to use Kies, you have to root your sgs2 and install the full sized apk of the google play store. Downloading full apps on your phone isnt that easy, however. Installing the apk will install the samsung apps from the very beginning, but they will be incomplete and unable to run. If you want the full experience of all the google apps, you should install them from the google play store from the beginning. They are full versions of all the google apps. Have you installed the full sized apk? Can you tell me how exactly you did it

Root is very simple, you basically do adb root, which is a ADB command that allows you to gain root control of your Android device. Once you have root you can install the full sized apps that you downloaded without uninstalling the samsung apps and without voiding your warranty

You should download this app called the app updater. It updates your samsung apps. I recommend downloading a tool called minicp. It is a small and free program that allows you to flash the full sized apk right to your phone without voiding your warranty. Download it here:

Once you have the tool installed you can now download the full sized apk of the google play store, which is an app called the app updater. Download it at: Once you have the apk installed you can run the flashing tool and flash it right to your phone. This is important because you dont want to flash it from a flashable zip file. Follow the instructions. Thats it


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