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Raaz Reboot Full Movie In Hindi Hd Download Kickass

Raaz Reboot: A Horror-Thriller Movie Review

Raaz Reboot is the fourth installment in the Raaz film series, directed by Vikram Bhatt and starring Emraan Hashmi, Kriti Kharbanda and Gaurav Arora. The movie was released on 16 September 2016 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The movie revolves around Rehaan and Shaina, who are in a complicated relationship as Shaina suspects that Rehaan is keeping a secret from her. Shaina is approached by her ex-boyfriend Aditya who steps in to help her when she begins to experience paranormal activities. As time goes by, Shaina vehemently has a hunch that Aditya isn't genuine, too. Will her instincts prove to be true?

Plot Summary

The movie begins with Rehaan and Shaina moving to Romania after Rehaan gets a job offer. Shaina notices that Rehaan is distant and cold towards her, and suspects that he is hiding something from her. She also starts to witness strange events in their house, such as hearing voices, seeing shadows and feeling someone's presence. She confides in her friend Sonali, who suggests that she should consult a psychic.

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Meanwhile, Aditya, Shaina's ex-boyfriend and a famous fashion photographer, arrives in Romania for a shoot. He contacts Shaina and tells her that he still loves her and wants to get back with her. He also claims that he knows Rehaan's secret and can help her get rid of the evil spirit that is haunting her. Shaina agrees to meet him, but Rehaan finds out and warns her to stay away from him.

Aditya convinces Shaina to go with him to a church, where he reveals that Rehaan had killed a girl named Shreya in India, who was possessed by a demon. He says that the demon followed Rehaan to Romania and is now trying to possess Shaina. He gives her a pendant that he says can protect her from the demon. He also tells her that he has a book that contains the secrets of the Raaz (mystery), which can help them defeat the demon.

Shaina returns home and confronts Rehaan about his past. Rehaan admits that he had killed Shreya, but says that it was an accident and he was trying to save her from the demon. He also says that Aditya is lying and he is the one who is possessed by the demon. He says that Aditya had raped Shreya and made her pregnant, and then tried to kill her and the unborn child. He says that the demon entered Aditya's body after Shreya's death, and is now seeking revenge on him and Shaina.

Shaina does not believe Rehaan and decides to trust Aditya. She goes with him to an isolated cabin in the woods, where he shows her the book of Raaz. He tells her that the book contains a ritual that can transfer the demon from one body to another. He says that he will transfer the demon from himself to Rehaan, and then kill him. He also says that he will marry Shaina after that.

However, Shaina soon realizes that Aditya is lying and he is actually planning to transfer the demon from himself to her, and then kill her. She tries to escape, but Aditya catches her and ties her up. He starts the ritual, but Rehaan arrives in time and stops him. A fight ensues between Rehaan and Aditya, while Shaina frees herself and grabs the book of Raaz.

Shaina reads the book and finds out that there is another way to get rid of the demon: by burning the book along with the pendant. She throws the book and the pendant into the fireplace, causing a huge explosion. The demon leaves Aditya's body and disappears into the flames.

The movie ends with Rehaan and Shaina reconciling their relationship and leaving Romania together.


Raaz Reboot is a horror-thriller movie that tries to scare the audience with jump scares, creepy sounds and dark visuals. The movie has some decent performances by Emraan Hashmi, Kriti Kharbanda and Gaurav Arora, who play their roles with conviction. The movie also has some good songs by Jeet Gannguli, Sangeet Haldipur and Sidharth Haldipur, which add to the mood of the movie.

However, the movie suffers from a weak and predictable plot, which is full of clichés and loopholes. The movie does not offer anything new or original to the genre, and relies on the same old formula of a haunted house, a possessed girl, a mysterious book and a vengeful spirit. The movie also has some illogical and absurd scenes, such as Aditya being able to travel from India to Romania without a passport, or Shaina being able to read the book of Raaz without any difficulty. The movie also has some poor dialogues, which are either cheesy or melodramatic.

Overall, Raaz Reboot is a disappointing movie that fails to deliver on its promise of being a scary and thrilling experience. The movie is only recommended for die-hard fans of the Raaz series, or for those who enjoy watching horror movies without expecting much logic or sense.


2 out of 5 stars


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